Is Amanda Knox hated for her Sexual Openness?

Is Amanda Knox hated for her Sexual Comfort?

I have followed the Amanda Knox case in the same way that my husband follows hockey, perhaps even more deeply! I actually cried when the verdict was read and I don’t know that my husband cried when his team (The Vancouver Canucks) lost the Stanley Cup.

I have seen the media manipulate cases for many years. It has always been an infatuation of mine. It began with Pamela Smart 20 years ago and continued through the Amanda Knox case today. Although I believe Pamela was completely innocent of the murder of her husband it was easier for me to wrap my arms around why people hated her so much. She admits and regrets an affair she had 20 years ago with her 15 year old student who later murdered her husband. Those of us with sons (and even those without) agree that this behavior was deeply upsetting. The media was very successful at convincing us that because she had such an inappropriate relationship with William Flynn that she must be a murderer.  I personally was never convinced. But as for Amanda I still can’t figure out why so many doubted her and still hate her today.

Do they actually believe this young college student who never had any history of violence suddenly became a killer, despite that there is no physical evidence? Perhaps, but I can’t imagine anyone could be so easily manipulated.

Personally I think it stems from the sexual information that the media dug up and exposed about Amanda. For some reason so many people are uncomfortable talking about their sexual desires and fantasies. But the truth is that those who openly express these to their lovers have much happier and healthier relationships. Some have simple romantic fantasies like being rescued from a deserted island by the man of their dreams. Others have more erotic fantasies like rapes and orgies. But for some reason so many still believe that we need to suppress these fantasies. We are taught to bury them deep inside our minds and even feel shamed for thinking them let alone saying them out loud. It is a society that stills feels uncomfortable with openly sharing our desires with our romantic partners. Most of these fantasies are just that. Things we keep inside our heads or share with our sexual partners and have pleasure in acting out. But the key is acting them out and not actually living through the really experience.

The media began to share personal things about Amanda and I still don’t know for sure if they were true or not. Somewhere it said that she carried a vibrator in her purse, bought a thong in a lingerie shop or had sex with a man on a train. We have also heard the nickname Foxy Knoxy (given by her dad) and some stories of her blogging about her fantasies. Many of the articles in the press talk about her loving sex, drugs and partying. Why is this so out of the ordinary for any college student?

Sex is a wonderful thing and just because Amanda Knox engaged in and enjoyed it is no reason to believe she is capable of murdering her beautiful roommate, Merideth Kercher. A story was fabricated about a satanic four-way drug-fueled orgy with no evidence to support it. All the DNA evidence comes back negative and still so many people hate her.

If we focus on the hardcore evidence we would see that perhaps she was a party girl, used a vibrator and had sexy fantasies that she occasionally blogged about. But by no means does this make her a cold blooded killer.


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