Group Size: Unlimited

Date Doctor, Jaimy Blazynski has been delivering her powerful message about creating happy, healthy relationships! She is available to deliver a workshop or keynote address to your school, organization, employees or event on 3 topics.

  • Personal Growth – Jaimy will share her personal and life changing story about how she went from loveless, unhappy and unhealthy relationships to finding true love.
  • Dating Advice – Jaimy will teach the audience how to find a happy, healthy relationship using her own dating mistakes and lesson learned from each and every one of them.
  • Finding and Sustaining Happy, Healthy Relationships – If you have employees who are struggling with personal or professional relationships it can affect the morale of the entire organization. The Date Doctor will help your team identify their challenges with relationships, discover how they personally contribute to the problems and assist them in having their own epiphany about how they can change their relationships forever.
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